Dear sirs!

My theoretical research on the new explosion engine which started in 1993, has successfully resulted in Stepanov''s Piston Engine invention, as registered in the Patent of Ukraine Nr.87417 of July 10th 2009.

For the time being, its prototype model is being made.
The process of manufacturing the first engine prototype will be commented on a website.
In case you are interested, please, send your suggestions on cooperation to .

A company, which will be able to promote Stepanov''s Piston Engine at the world market in the next 3 to 5 years, will obtain huge profit and prosper at least 19 years as long as the patent is valid.

This time will allow weakening competitors so that the company▓s prosperity will last many years ahead.

If you are an enthusiast engineer and are interested in obtaining Stepanov''s Piston Engine (hereafter SPE), for example, in order to install it by your owns means on your scooter, your lawn mower or your mini power plant, you can order SPE of a necessary volume officially.
As long as there are still no capacities allowing to make wide variety of SPE, one piston engines with the volume of 45 to 200 cubic centimetres are offered.
The mentioned SPE will be at least twice as efficient as the traditional explosion engine with a crank-rod of the equivalent volume.
The price of an individual SPE modification with the volume of 45 cubic centimeters is EUR 1,300.

If you are an investor and are interested in safe and efficient investment of your, the following minimum alternative investments are possible:
- A land lot with commercial real estate on it (for example, a cottage with subsidiary facilities) is purchased, and a new facility is built, which allows placing at least one turning machine, one milling machine, one coordinate boring machine as well as smaller equipment, a metalwork and assembly sections, if necessary.
The need in manufacturing space is approximately 300 square meters.
Nonresident employees may live directly in the cottage.
Thus, cars may be customized by installing SPE on them; SPE customizing can also be applied on other engine powered equipment; small-lot production of SPE.

If you are an owner of a SPE manufacturing unit, and are interested in efficient performance of your unit, we may find a way of cooperation and I will be glad to meet you.

If you are a well off sponsor and you realize how important the large-scale implementation of SPE is due to ecological situation, and thus you are ready to support SPE production financially, please refer to bank detail below:

The currency account (current) EURO (978):
Intermediary Bank
Account with Institution:
Kyiv, Ukraine
Beneficiary Customer: /260020134816 CUSTOMER NAME: STEPANOV SERGII

The currency account (current) UAH (980):
п/П ╧260020134816
Б бюр ╚яАЕПАЮМЙ пНЯЁ©╩,
лтн 320627
йНД ╙дпонс 25959784


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